Beekeeping workshop - La Stupina

The Association for the Protection of Bees and Wild Pollinators is coming to the Danube Festival to remind us that the world cannot exist without bees. They have prepared a workshop that is like a journey into the magical world of bees, and they have even created a special beehive through which you can safely observe the bees. Together, we learn more about the fascinating world of these small but important creatures. We study them, discuss honey, answer questions, and finally, we taste yummy products, such as honey and pollen.

Recycling workshop - Happy Tree

Plastic doesn't die, plastic transforms. Sometimes it breaks down into millions of micro-particles, but in the fortunate cases, it is separately collected and repurposed into unique objects. Happy Tree recycles plastic into raw material used in 3D printers, which is then transformed into objects fit for long-lasting relationships. Objects you can fall in love with. And not just because they are inspired by the same mission of protecting nature, but also because they are extremely cheerful and colorful. Come to @Danube Festival to meet the people behind the Happy Tree project and learn more about reducing consumption, reusing materials, and recycling.  

The Pyramid of Healthy Food or How a Refrigerator Can Change the Climate - Seneca

The ultimate goal of our entire activity is to change behaviors with ones that are more nature-friendly. And it starts with our daily habits - what, how much, and why we consume are not just isolated things, but an entire footprint we leave on the environment. We will learn more about all these small habits and how we can gradually change things for the better at the ecological education workshop organized by Seneca EcoLogos.

Ceramic Workshop - Florin Rădulescu

A workshop with and about creativity as well, one in which participants will exercise their ability to shape things and create an object on a given theme. The object will be created through guidance and will be decorated with each one’s imagination. During the workshop, our minds will keep busy also: those who choose to take part in it will receive information about the materials they are using as well as the history of the city. 

Let’s get to know Călărași - Florin Rădulescu

Călărași hides interesting things. Happenings from the past, people who did amazing things, buildings with stories, details no one noticed - all these things will be told by a soon to be local guide. This is another workshop focusing on the city that guards the Danube and îs dedicated to all those interested in the rich history of this city.

Wild fun workshop - Andrei Nicoară

The WildFun project started from the need to reconnect children and adults with nature. They aimed to use their personal knowledge of biology, ecology, geography, and bushcraft to provide a safe and fun space in the natural environment, as an alternative to the city and as a way to raise awareness of the impact of the human species on nature, as well as the exploration of nature's impact on the development of the human mind and body. As part of the Danube Festival, they will focus on games and activities using the resources of the nearby poplar plantation. We will build boats from branches, sticks, and canvas. Each child will assemble their wooden boat, paint it and add the sail. We will also make fish magnets out of clay. The participants will receive a magnet and paint it any way they please.

To picture a story - David Hughes (British Council) & Wanda Hutira [EN]

Wanda Hutira & David Hughes [British Council] have a super creative workshop in store for us, where they will imagine solutions together with children to help the Danube River keep its clean waters, while also suporting them express themselves through photography and develop their English fluency. It will be a delightful moment for the young artists: they will learn the best ways to take care of the environment while expressing their creativity alongside the workshop mentors. It has already become a tradition among the workshops organized by us and it is always a success. For more details about their project, have a look here:

Public Café - Raluca Boișteanu

Raluca Boișteanu is the the host of the "Public Café" workshop within the Danube Festival. At one of the tables, we will discuss the needs/problems related to the Danube that they have identified and explore ways to solve them through community mobilization. Each participant will also receive a community mobilization guide. At another table, participants will explore methods of involvement, create a power map, identify the institutions responsible for maintaining a clean Danube in the city, and become familiar with different tools. Since 2019, she has been a project coordinator at the Resource Center for Public Participation (CeRe) Foundation, and she had the privilege of working with civic-minded citizens from communities along the Danube River. She has been accompanying them in the process of community organizing and advocacy, mentoring them to strengthen their groups and interact with local authorities. 

Animals from the Danube - Doru Panaitescu

A review of the main European species of vertebrates from central and eastern Europe, with a focus on local, emblematic, and even endemic species from the Danube River basin. The workshop will be enriched with photographs taken by Doru over the past few years featuring animals from the area.

Reptiles and amphibians from Romania - Doru Panaitescu

We will discover interesting amphibian and reptile species from the Danube area, focusing on the more interesting species, from a macro perspective, close and up close. 

Kayaks, SUP - Kayak Champions

Kayak Champions is a kayak-canoe sports club in Bucharest that caters to both children and adults, whether for competitive sports or simply for relaxation. During the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to discover kayaking through initiation sessions supervised by the club's coaches. Those who wish to take a 15-minute ride can sign up for an initiation session in kayaking on Friday and Saturday, between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM, in the designated area. Children as young as 6 years old can participate. You don't need to know how to swim or have any experience with kayaking; everyone is welcome.

How does public administration work - Adina Zoican

Is there a street lamp that doesn't have light on your street? Are there too many stray dogs on the street? Is there a dangerous pothole in the area where you live? At the workshop 'How does public administration work', you will discover who can help you solve all these issues, what tools you have at your disposal, and how easy it can sometimes be to find solutions. 

Community Organization - Adina Zoican

Is there a problem that affects everyone around you? This workshop teaches you how to bring people together to help them work together and do good through their actions. You will learn about what a community means, what keeps a community united, and the impact a community can have.

Youth Engagement at Local/National/International Levels - Adina Zoican

If you are a young person with lots of energy, ideas, and a team spirit, then this workshop is for you. Come and find the answers to questions like: How can I participate in Erasmus projects? How can I become a volunteer? or How can I change the world around me? The plastic river - Sergiu Chihaia A workshop that combines creativity with environmental awareness, in 'Plastic River', we will learn to create plastic fish from bottles that you can collect yourselves. Adults will create these fish on their own, while children can watch and understand the importance of waste selection, especially considering studies that show that by 2050, there may be more plastic in the water than fish. Each fish created by the participants in this workshop is a promise that we will educate ourselves, take responsibility, and get involved in reducing plastic pollution.

Interlude with Giant Soap Bubbles - Emanuel Dobrincu

When it comes to soap bubbles, your age doesn't matter - the bigger they are, the more spectacular they become. We will bring this childhood activity into the present and reconnect with the joy of playing through a demonstration of giant bubbles. Adults will learn how to make bubbles while children can enjoy small dexterity games around the bubbles.

The Path of Beauty - ARNI

Have you ever attended a workshop that connects you with nature using all your senses? If not, now is your chance. We embark on a short hike and listen to the sounds of nature. We discover the attributes of beauty in the colors that surround us. We creatively share our new experiences. We rediscover the inspiration that lies at the core of nature.

Friends of the forest and meadow birds - Vicky Puran (ADDDJ)

The forest near the Borcea Arm, stretching along the Tineretului Beach, is a favorite place for many to recharge their energy. In addition to the fresh air and the energy of the water, we are greeted by the chorus of birds nesting here or returning in the spring, offering us one of the most beautiful natural concerts. At the Danube Festival, we will pay tribute to the birds of the Danube Meadow. Asociația pentru Dezvoltare Durabilă Dunărea de Jos is organizing the workshop "Friends of the Forest and Meadow Birds" on Sunday, June 25, 2023, starting at 1:00 PM, on Tineretului Beach. Children, nature lovers aged 5-15, are welcome to join us. During the workshop, young visual artists will paint cottages for resting and nesting using natural pastels, which will then be placed in trees by volunteers.

Yoga - Andreea Fabian

The first teachings about Yoga were left to us by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, somewhere around the 4th century. Now, in 2023, wanting to be a better mother for her daughter, Andreea Fabian brings a yoga workshop to Tineretului Beach. This ancient practice can help you reduce stress at a physical, mental, and emotional level. Moreover, it is an excellent way to live in the present moment - and what can be more beneficial than practicing yoga in the midst of nature, close to the amazing energy of the Danube?

Nature in our hands - Alex Tomescu

This is a workshop dedicated mainly to children but also to adults who want to feel the Earth differently. We will talk and get in touch with the soil, the tiny insects within it, water, and different types of seeds, and learn how to make small pellets of seeds that will be spontaneously planted in the arid areas of the festival.

Pellets of seeds are used to save time and effort, as they do not require soil preparation. We use them mainly in natural agriculture to repopulate and help conserve native flora, and, of course, in orchards and organic gardens.

Eco-creativity workshop - Alina Tofan

We will use materials that we already have, such as packaging, used wrapping paper, and more, to create new objects that we can play with while learning essential concepts about sustainability, the importance of nature, and why it's good to collect and recycle. The workshop will combine art therapy techniques and storytelling around objects and ecology.

Eco-Performative Route, Body of Water - Alina Tofan

We are water. The first direct contact we have with water is our own body. Sometimes, we forget that all waters flow into a larger body of water, and we forget that we are part of Nature. The eco-performative route invites participants on a performative/eco walk, during which they are encouraged to ask questions, observe, and become more aware of plastic pollution in water. At the end of the route, the collected plastic will be transformed into a map, serving as a wake-up call for water pollution, sometimes visible in the form of plastic, and other times as microplastics that remain unseen.

Water and Microplastic - Benjamin Heberling (H2Org, Germany) [EN]

The workshops consists of different modules explaining the formation of microplastic, how it is distributed, why it is harmful and what we can do to contain it. We will emphasize the meaning of the cooperative approach to environmental protection. The river needs cooperation between the countries along the danube, overcoming geographic, political and social barriers and setting an example for international conservation of our environment. H2Org is an NGO that encourages young people to be environmentally aware through playful environmental education. 

Storytelling for Change - Shane McMillan (USA) [EN]

Every movement begins with a story. Whether it is a social, political, or environmental issue that you care about, this workshop is designed to give its participants a chance to refine their storytelling skills to strengthen their voice or that of the organizations they work with. Over three days, we explore the conception, planning, and execution or storytelling projects, through examples from our workshop participants. Participants should come ready to explore their own needs and goals, and be ready to collaborate with others.  

Expansive Breath Work - Janina Botsford (Germany) [EN]

Psychedelic breath-work is an offering for individuals to connect to a space inside of them beyond rational thinking and knowledge. Thoughts are often „chaos creators“, however we can never fool our hearts. Our hearts connect us to nature and life. Over our breaths, we can connect to our hearts. Dr. Janina Botsford, psychologist and therapist, working with grown-ups and children with classic psychotherapy and somatic therapy.

In the Danube - for the Danube - Donaukanal swimming club, Andreas Fath (Germany) and Teodor Tsvetkov (Bulgaria) [EN]

Let's get into the water together! We will go swimming and show what clean water is worth to us. Accompanied by members of the Donaukanal swimming club from Vienna, Danube swimmer Andreas Fath and record-breaking swimmer Teodor Tsvetkov, we will do a group action. Let us surprise you!

NGOs active on the Danube - environmental engagement from an international perspective. Workshop and exchange. [EN]

Along the Danube, many groups, organizations and people are involved with even more great ideas, projects and concerns. We bring them together. In three workshops, the representatives get to know each other, discuss current concerns, learn from each other, develop common ideas and formulate demands to politics and society. 

One Way Boat - film and discussion - Michelle and Liam (into:wild - Austria) [EN]

Under the name of Into:Wild Michelle and Liam operate an environmentally conscious adventure collective, where they combine adventure, activism and educational work.

​​​​​In one of their projects called One Way Boat they visualized the issue concerning pollution of natural water resources focusing on the Danube.

For this purpose, the two photographers set out in a self built vehicle made of recycled materials to symbolize this intention. In three and a half weeks they covered a distance of +1000km going from Vienna to Drobeta-Turnu Severin.

In addition to idyllic nature shots, experiences along the river also include challenges - both for the natural environment and those that the adventure team is confronted with itself.

Along the water, not only water samples were collected but also interviews were made with scientists, ministries and residents along the Danube to capture a wide range of view points on loads of the Danube.

Danube Swim Cap - Hybrid Dessous (Austria) [EN]

During the workshop „Danube swim cap“ participants reflect on the bathing culture of the Danube by designing and producing a unique and site-specific swimming cap. Hybrid Dessous designs and sews hybrid garments between swimwear and underwear. They translate their artistic and site-specific research into wearable unique pieces, into wild and playful collections. They use elements from the local context, from historical patterns and diverse stories about bathing clothes and underwear.

Swim Stop Călărași - Schwimmverein Donaukanal [EN]

Together we will dive into the Danube in Călărași. Afterwards, we will talk and exchange about our relationship with the Danube:  What is your personal relationship with the Danube? Is it a friendship? Like a lover or a family member? How does the relationship to the Danube change after swimming in it? How does it feel to swim in a river? Where do we swim in the Danube in our home places? What is similar, what is different to Călărași?  We will create recordings of the conversation and create a Danube audio piece. On Sunday, this audio piece will be available. You can listen to the audio while swimming in the Danube with waterproof headsets. The Schwimmverein Donaukanal has set itself the goal of revitalizing the Danube Canal as a swimming spot in the city center of Vienna. We want to establish a new culture of river swimming around this inner-city arm of the Danube, in which the risks of swimming in flowing water are dealt with responsibly. The joy of swimming in the Danube Canal connects us. It is refreshing, exciting and relaxing at the same time. It lets us see and experience the city from exciting new perspectives. We strive to work with all users and stakeholders of the Danube Channel to make swimming safe and possible in the future. The Schwimmverein Donaukanal will offer community swim slots (at what time?) on Saturday and Sunday. We will talk about our experience of safer swimming in rivers. Together we will enjoy the Danube swimming at the Călărași beach. As soon as the Danube audio piece is ready it will be available during those swims.

Foodsharing fighting food waste - Andreas Henneberger [EN]

Foodsharing is an organization of volunteers in the German speaking area that wants to prevent food from being thrown away. The community's goal is to fight everyday food waste by saving mainly expired food from producers and retailers and distributing it among the population and to raise awareness about this problem in society. Introduction about the organization, characteristics and statistics about food waste and comparison between different countries.

Motivational workshop with ultra swimmer Teodor Tsvetkov (Bulgaria) [EN]

Motivational workshop with ultra swimmer Teodor Tsvetkov. After a brief presentation of the swimmer, Teodor will be speaking about his last swim 71 h non stop challenge (organisation, training, supplements during the swim, personal experience, tips for younger swimmers). Also he will be talking about his next big challenge, swimming across Black Sea in length (1150 km): how this is planned to happen, team members needed, organisation, etc. 

Water testing as public outreach and advocacy tool - Anna Danyliak and Maria Diachuk (NGO Ecoaction - Ukraine) [EN]

Citizen science initiative to investigate the state o water quality in rural Ukraine and promote better environmental standards in national legislation. In 2021 & 2022 Ukrainian NGO Ecoaction initiated water testing in rural communities, trying to see how big the nitrate pollution is. Join the workshop and learn: why and how they did it, what methods were used, and what were the results. Together with Ecoaction team you will discuss where and how such methods can be useful. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to try out some of the express water testing instruments themselves during the workshop.

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