Lowland Kids, directed by Sandra Winther, USA, 2019, 22 min.

Friday, 23 June 18:30-20:30 | Tent 4

As climate change gradually erases large portions of Louisiana's coastline from the map, the last two teenagers from Isle de Jean Charles fight to continue living on the island that has been their families' home for generations.

My Letter to the Oilmen, directed by Xander de Boer, Belgium, 2019, 15 min.

Friday, 23 June 18:30-20:30 | Tent 4

Papilou, a 14-year-old Nigerian boy living in a community near an oil refinery that has contaminated the soil and water, decides to write a letter to the responsible company, bringing attention to the situation and requesting intervention.

The Super Salmon, directed by Ryan Peterson, USA, 2016, 25 min.

Friday, 23 June 18:30-20:30 | Tent 4

A salmon from Alaska embarks on an unexpected journey along the Susitna River, nicknamed the "Everest of rivers." His journey serves as a narrative backdrop to discuss the costs and benefits involved in constructing a colossal dam on the river.

Street River: Graffiti inside the Amazon, directed by Tiago Berbare & Beto Macedo, Brazil, 2017, 60 min.

Friday, 23 June 18:30-20:30 | Tent 4

Street River tells the story of the first open-air art gallery in the heart of the Amazon. The film showcases how art can be used as a tool for social transformation and opens a dialogue about consumption, water, and the responsibility (or lack thereof) of government institutions in protecting natural resources.

Blue Heart, directed by Britton Caillouette, Great Britain, 2018, 40 min.

Saturday, 24 June 18:30-20:30 | Tent 4

What would you do to protect the last remaining wild rivers in your country from destruction? The film "Blue Heart" follows people from Albania, Bosnia, and Croatia who are fighting to save their local rivers and their habitats - the last river systems in Europe that have remained untouched by human hands and that are home to the endangered Eurasian lynx.

Living without, directed by Samuel Kingsley & Henry Richards. Great Britain/Finland, 2016, 50 min

Saturday, 24 June 18:30-20:30 | Tent 4

What is it like to live without running water? In Lima, the vast capital of Peru, this is a daily reality for 1.5 million children and adults, who are forced to pay the equivalent of a week's salary for a day's worth of water. The problem extends beyond the capital, as the lack of water is a national issue that endangers even the lives of agricultural communities, forcing them to abandon their homes and their primary source of livelihood.

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