Zack Zack Zack (AT) // 23 JUNE

From Vienna to Călărași: the band Zack Zack Zack, a duo consisting of Yiğit Bakkalbaşi and Cemgil Demirtaş, is coming to the Danube Festival. Their music has a fresh sound that disregards the boundaries between genres (and between countries, we would add): the synthesizer meets oriental rhythms, paying homage to the Turkish roots of the band members, in hypnotic songs perfect for nights of dancing in Central Park.

AZUR (RO) // 23 JUNE

"Azur is a band formed in Brăila in the 1980s. You have most likely listened to their songs without knowing they were the ones behind them. The band, which reinvented traditional Romanian music with infusions of pop and Balkan rhythms, has created timeless hits for weddings and parties. Some of their popular songs include ""Cenușăreasa"" (Cinderella), ""Regina nopții"" (Queen of the Night), ""Mona (Se mărită Mona)"" (Mona is Getting Married), ""Mai întoarce, Doamne, roata"" (Lord, Please Turn the Wheel Again), and ""Fata de pe plajă"" (The Girl from the Beach).

We will meet them at the Danube Festival, on Tineretului Beach, between June 23rd and 25th. Bring your loved ones along, as they will surely be thrilled to know that the band they used to listen to at '80s and '90s parties is now trending on TikTok."


Have you ever thought that the plastic collected from water can be turned into music?

"Plasticphonia" is an innovative musical project created by Crystn Hunt Akron [Austria], an artist who combines her skills as a composer, producer, and visual artist to create a unique audiovisual experience. Her project blends sounds made from plastic collected from waters (including the Danube) with electronic music, generating a fascinating and profound sonic landscape. "Plasticphonia" is a powerful commentary on the impact that plastic waste has on our waters.


Imagine yourself on a beach, feeling the breeze, smelling the sea, the salt, and nature, and in the background, amidst the waves and the characteristic summer murmur, you hear a blend of surf guitars and dub effects with an electronic touch. And now, stop imagining, because Chillera, trio from Odessa, Ukraine, is coming to the Danube Festival with a complex soundscape inspired by nature.


Balkan Taksim is coming to the Danube Festival, bringing the rhythm, roots, and soul of the Balkans to the stage. Their songs? An excellent blend of contemporary music with voices and sounds from the region. Traditional instruments and Carpathian rhythms give their sound an unmistakable quality. "Ținea dragostea tot anu'" (Love lasts all year long), they sing in one of their songs. We say that love will continue from now on, that it will last for years, and that it will begin on Tineretului Beach in Călărași, between June 23rd and 25th.


She sings pop with Balkan influences, blending '90s rhythms with the sound of local manele music, leaving us speechless and making us dance as if nobody is watching. Her music hypnotizes, defies any kind of label, and if there's a genre, it's definitely ours.

She is the first confirmed artist in the Danube Festival lineup, and she is phenomenal. Come here, your place is in front of the stage.
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